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selected Check out your competitors keywords

selected Find the new organic competitors

selected Updated info on changes of domains

Find your competitors best keywords with our SEO tools. The best and most efficient way to to get to your target audience via organic search and results is finding the right keywords for your business. With Competitive Intelligence tool you will find the best SEO keywords and get a higher ranking in organic results. Learn about your competitors organic strategies and take benefit of them.


selected Find out your competitors Ad Strategies and Budget

selected Analyze Your

selected Discover Your New Competitors in Adwords and Bing Ad

selected Localize Easily Your Own Ad Campaings

Discover your competitors Ad budged and strategies. Close PPC keywords and group Adwords, decide your ad budget and start bidding. Save time and money using the data of your competitors experience with ad campaigns and avoid the mistakes they have made in PPC.

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Display advertising


selected See top advertisers and publishers

selected Analyze Your Competitors AD Copies and Keywords

selected View ad displays from different devices

selected Find out new publishers

Find top advertisers and publishers, save time and money using the best tactics for your bidding in Googles Display Network. Learn from the best performers and take full advantage of this info for your business.


selected Make a deep link analysis

selected Check out backlink types

selected Learn and understand referring domains authority

selected Find your links geolocation

Make a deep link analysis checking the incoming links for a URL, domain or root domain understanding how authoritative a linking domain name is and where its located. Incoming high quality links are not the only factor that will determinate the popularity and credibility of your online business but they continue one of the most important factors to have in my in your SEO strategy.

backlinks search
Video advertising research


selected Start creating video ad campaigns

selected Find out top advertisers

selected Discover competitors video ad strategies

selected Learn how to make income with your videos

Make the most creating an effective video ad campaign as video content is growing exponentially day by day consuming daily half of consumer traffic. With the Video Advertising tool collect analytical data from YouTube video ads and channels offering you a great way to keep your video advertising up to date and keep you one step ahead of the game.


selected Search for the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns

selected Choose phrase matches and related keywords

selected Search multinational and multilingual environments

selected Find long-tail keywords

Find the best keywords for PPC and SEO campaigns performing a PPC keyword research with the KeyWord Research tool. Analyze your data and choose the keywords for Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Get to your target audience improving your conversion rate saving you money and time.

Keyword research
Product Listing Ads


selected Define your product listing ads competitors

selected Get your insight info PLA competitors product feeds

selected Search for your competitors best performing PLAs

Find your product listing ads competitors. Define your competitors on Google shopping, find out how many PLA keywords you have in common with your competition, estimate your competitors spending on PLAs on Adwords and use the info in your benefit.

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Now you can combine, cross and visualize data to compare competitive domain names and estimate keyword difficulty only with few clicks


selected Find the best keywords with less competition

selected Find the best keywords with less competition

Find the best keywords with less competition with The Keyword Difficulty tool. Learn which are the interesting keywords to focus on. You will see a particular keywords percentage of difficulty which helps you to estimate how easy it could be to seize your competition and their organic positions in the Google or Bing top positions.

Keyword difficulty search
Domain vs domain comparison


selected Compare domains side-by-side

selected See each domains common and unique keywords

selected Visualize obtained data

Set your domain name comparisons side-by-side with the Domain vs Domain tool. many times getting competitive intelligence seems like a lot of work, time consuming and expensive. Now you can be your own consultant firm with day-to-day competitive monitoring. Just with few clicks you will be able to evaluate independently the landscape. Enter up to five domain names you want to compare and click go as simple as that.


selected Compare domain names with key visibility indicators

selected Conduct competitive analysis just with few clicks

selected Visualize obtained data

Using Charts you can identify your competitors and your own strong points and weaknesses instantly. Easily visualize your competitors web presence. Analyze the data in line, bar or pie graphics as you what ever is better and easier for you. Check the number of visits in your competitors website via Google`s or Bing`s top 20 organic search engine results. Check how much of the traffic comes through paid search. estimate how much your competition is spending on Bing Ads or Google Adwords.

Domain comparison charts


Launch and control global campaigns and get all the necessary metrics regarding your competitors, rankings and on-page heart all in one place

Position Tracking


selected Track any domain name or keyword from any location

selected Group your keywords with tags

selected Find your local competitors

selected Target different devices

Now you can track any domain name or keyword from any location with the Position Tracking tool that allows you to track your websites ranking for targeted keywords in the top 100 organic and paid search engine results. The daily updated data will let you analyze how your search engine optimization efforts pays out helping your keyword rankings process and organic search results. Track your competitors keywords with a side-by-side comparison seeing how you rank vs your competitors pointing out where you should focus on more.


selected Check your websites health with SEO analytics tool

selected Prioritize SEO concerns and decide what to fix first

selected Track your SEO optimization progress

Be your own “doctor” and check your websites health with SEO analysis tool. Many times doing an SEO-evalution seems like a lot of work and time-consuming. With the right tools finding the on-sire errors and fixing them can be done in an fast and effective way, this is where the Site Audit tool offers you an excellent way yo save time and money performing a comprehensive technical SEO audit at super fast speed.

Site Audit
Social Media Tool


selected Follow your Social Media campaigns

selected Research your competition

selected Analize and visualize data

Track your Social Media campaigns in a effective and cost-efficient way harvesting results to analyze them. Social media marketing is today a vital part of any successful marketing campaign for all businesses. Its not as easy as it seems at first place as you will have to keep track of data, your audience, social media activity to see how engaging your content really is. This normally requires a lot of time and effort but with the Social Media tool you can generate the reports you can do this with great speed selecting whether you want a more general overview or a thorough analysis of each activity.

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