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Professional web hosting services

Managed hosting for WordPress

Fast, secure and simple WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting


selected Extreme speed : A new revolutionary VPS platform deliver unprecedented performance

selected Completely secure: Comes with integrated key features and built tools that make it easy to run WordPress

selected Very Simple to use: Easy WordPress security with the right tools such as SiteLock Security, Advacved CDN and SiteLoc WAF

selected Starting at: $ 12.49 first month

The premier WordPress built on revolutionary VPS technology: instant provisioning, guaranteed resources, enhanced cPanel, backups, dynamic upgrades, custom technology.

Cloud Hosting for Everyone

Powerful, affordable and easy Cloud hosting solution


selected Safer: All your data is automatically mirrored across three distinct devices this secures that your website is always working while copies are rebuilt

selected Faster: End of long load times. Premium hardware and low.density servers with varnish caching layer and global can so secure that your server resources are where they should be.

selected Simpler: See and understand your websites performance clearly with useful dashboards that provide you a quick view to usage trends, global reach, uptime, page download speed and much more

selected Bigger: Your traccic should never slow your website down. When your online presence grows you can get more powerful plan, add CPU and ram as you need: end of reboots, orange usage fees and downtime

selected Starting at: $ 5.95/month

Cloud hosting

Shared Hosting Affordable Solution

Shared Hosting services for your websites

Shared Hosting


selected Domain names: Track, update, purchase, transfer and administer your domain new all in one place

selected Email: You can create and manage unlimited number of email accounts with advanced features and spam protection.

selected Backups: Automatic backups created daily, weekly and monthly of your entire account. Easy to restore all your data just with fw clicks

selected Resource protection: Websites using excessive resources are identified and temporally re-assigned to isolated systems. This takes out the risk that exists normally with other shared hosting servers

selected Scalability: Start at a minimum cost and move to more powerful options as your traffic and website grows. The upgrades are made to be easy and fast.

selected Enhanced cPanel: Enhanced cPanel interface with additional tools to manage everything in your server all from one centralized location

selected Starting at: $ 3.95/month

VPS Hosting

Next Generation virtual private servers


selected Extreme performance: The VPS servers use open source technology such as OpenStack and KVM offers a VPS that is both powerful and easy to use.

selected Dynamic resources: You can add dynamically additional storage when needed. Server expansions priced affordable and enabled without requiring admin assistance.

selected Instant provisioning: Get your website up and running in seconds. Most VPS solutions take hours or days to activate, these VPS servers will work immediately.

selected Guaranteed resources: Using high-performance components your website performance will always be at optimal levels. KVM hypervisor will guarantee that your resources will be available at all times

selected Enhanced cPanel: All VPS configuration comes with improved cPanel interface, it features everything offered with shared hosting solution included with special tools for VPS management and WHM control.

selected Starting at: $ 14.99 first month

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting

Ultimate performance, control and security for websites

Dedicated Hosting


selected Extreme speed: Each dedicated server is custom built in-houseby engineers using only the latest technology. Open Source technology offers the flexibility ti upgrade performance over time when needed.

selected Storage upgrades: You can add storage whenever needed. With enhanced cPanel increase available storage space in real time yourself with no need for admin intervention

selected Instant provisioning: In most of other web hosting companies decimated solutions take hours or days to activate with our technology allows us to provision dedicated servers straight away.

selected Root access: For more advanced users the improved control panel offers complete access to CentOS enabling full control of the server.

selected RAID Storage: Only high quality RAID storage level 1 support is used in dedicated servers. The drives are completely mirrored making sure your data is extremely well protected. You can not find this service in most of dedicated servers

selected Dedicated support service: get fast help from expert support staff specialized in dedicated hosting. The support agents work closely with the same engineers who maintain your dedicated server so any support requests are being resolved at a moments notice

selected Starting at: $ 74.99 first month

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