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Business Proposal Professional Bundle


selected If you are looking for both business proposals and contract, estimate spreadsheets, project management, get now the most complete package and the most cutting-edge expert wizard sofwate then select Proposal Kit Professional.

selected This package comes with 4 proposal packs, 6 contract packs, proposal pack Wizard – Expert Edition software, 1 custom logo design Proposal Pack of your choice, 2 Title Page Packs and additional material for a discounted price in business proposal templates.

What is Proposal Kit Profesional?

Proposal Kit Professional is a complete package for contract and proposal management with collection of templates, documentsand software for businesses and professionals ready to purchase and download online.

ProPosal Kit Professional supports many platforms such as Office 365, Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages and Appleworks. Its prefect to use with any size of business small, medium or large. Show your potential and existing clients who you are and what you can do making professional proposals to them letting them know how they can benefit of your services or products you offer.

The optional Proposal Pack Wizard component requires a retail version of Microsoft Word for Windows that includes macro support such as Office Professional, Home Premium or the latest edition of Home and Student. The optional Wizard software component is the only part of the bundle that requires Microsoft Word for Windows to run – it will not run on Word for Mac. The rest of the products in the bundle work on all supported Windows and Mac systems and all word processors that can open Word .doc format files. Mac users running the Windows OS with Word for Windows on their Mac hardware using virtualization software such as Parallels can run the Wizard in this environment.


selected If your need is just to write one or more business proposals with templates, samples and entry level proposal writing software purchase Proposal Pack. Make your professional business plans, quotes, grants, resumes, invoices, studies, reports and other business documents. Its perfect for all types of businesses.

selected You can select from a large collection of visual design themes. make your own branding with your own company logo and colors or make your pick from hundreds of pre-designed logo design templates. Each design is sold separately.

Business Proposal Pack

What is Proposal Pack for Any Business?

The Proposal Pack for Any Business is a non-logo package that does not include a logo graphic theme like the Proposal Professional pack does. This pack is the best for your customizing needs are important, you can do your own color and graphic work for your business proposals. Proposal Pack is easy to translate into other languages. Most of the work is already done with pre-written contracts, letters, documents and sample business proposals which will guide you how to make your own.

You can use the proposal template as-is or edit the graphics for a more customized look and use the optional Proposal Pack Wizard automation software to improve your business proposal writing. You can easily change design elements like colored borders, or change the size , color and shape of the borders.

Its easy to customize other design elements such as logos, custom point bulet graphics, title page graphics and body watermarks. With the pack you will get the original artwork graphics so it will be easier for you to customize Proposal Themes. This sort of customizing requieres graphic design work using your own graphics editing software.

Proposal packs are ready to download after your purchase. Platforms to work with include: Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages and Appleworks. Proposal packs can be used with Microsoft Word or any other word processors that can open basic Microsoft Word documents.

You can output completed documents in any format your word processor supports. With Apple Pages on your MAC you can output in PDF, Word and Pages format, using Microsoft Word you can output in Word, PDF, XML, HTML and text formats.

The pack includes also may sample proposals, general services and project contracts and non-disclosure forms. You can easily create generic business proposals, business plan funding proposals, book publishing proposals, grant funding proposals, letter proposals, government contracts, research proposals, resumes and other complex business documentation. In the library you will find sample proposals that cover many types of protocols in many industries and have been included as general guides and help information.

Proposal templates are designed to be used with any type of business small, medium or large. Proposal Pack themes are the framework to show your potential and existing customers who you are, what you propose to them and how they can benefit from your services and products. Each of the proposal packs include more than 4600 pages of proposal templates, sample proposals and instructions.

Business Contract Pack


selected If you are looking for specialty legal contracts with entry level management software then you should purchase Business Contract Pack.

selected Business Contract packs are available for internet services, graphic design, information technology, photography, human resources, marketing, advertising and general contracting.

– Quick and easy – get started right away
– Download and install on up to 3 computers
– 340+ detailed legal contract documents
– Free contract automation software included
– Mail merge and document assembly features
– One-time license fee – no monthly fees
– IT, hardware and software contracts
– Web site development contracts
– Graphic designer contracts
– Human resources & employee contracts
– Photographer contracts
– General contractor contracts
– Advertiser and marketer contracts

With a Contract Pack you get one library of legal contract templates and wizard software.

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